version: 2.6307f [updated: ]

TheoTown Hack Tool

1. Choose at least one In-App Purchase. Enable Ā«Generic HackĀ» to unlock all premium features.
2. Select your device platform and region.
3. Click "Start".
IMPORTANT: We will never ask for your password or any login related stuff, your game account is safe!
100 diamonds
A small pocket full of diamonds.
Starter Pack
Get some basics to get started.
250 diamonds
Don't spend them all at once.
550 diamonds
A pocket full of diamonds.
Starter Pack 2
Get some more fancy contents.
2,630 diamonds
Basically a chest full of diamonds.
Landmarks I
Famous landmarks in Mexico, USA and England.
Landmarks V
Popular landmarks from around the world.
Landmarks VI
Prominent landmarks in San Francisco.
Landmarks II
Landmarks from Australia, Singapore and USA.
Generic Hack [new]
Game-specific hack (enable all features). Works fine for ~99.8% of games.
NOTE: multiple options can be selected at once
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