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RhymieStymie Hack Tool

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Rhymie Stymie Animals Puzzle Pack
This wild collection flies with fun and crawls with challenge. 100 animal puzzles that will have you roaring with laughter, hissing with delight and tweeting...well...tweeting your friends about what a great game you're playing!
Rhymie Stymie Food Puzzle Pack
Gorge yourself on these delicious Rhymie Stymie food puzzles. They are gluten, fat and caffeine free. So what are you waiting for? There are 100 tasty treats to test your mind and satisfy your puzzle cravings.
Rhymie Stymie Surprise Puzzle Pack
Surprise! You never know what category will pop out next. Food, animals, sports, music and general knowledge. 100 different puzzles that will keep you guessing. So throw your own surprise party today!
Rhymie Stymie Grab Bag Puzzle Pack
Reach right in and pull out 100 first prize puzzles. There's something for everyone-- food, animals, sports, music and general knowledge. So give your brain this gift of fun-- it'll thank you later.
Rhymie Stymie Challenge Puzzle Pack
Want a challenge? Dare to tease your brain and frazzle your frontal lobes? Then you've come to the right place. 100 extra hard puzzles that will fully test your mental powers.
Rhymie Stymie Celebs Puzzle Pack
100 Rhymie Stymies of Famous People. From sports heroes to Hollywood celebs. From scientists who changed the world to leaders who tried to conquer it. Every celeb in this puzzle pack has enjoyed way more than their 15 minutes of fame!
Rhymie Stymie Characters Puzzle Pack
Based on the most famous fictional characters- From video game heroes to cartoon animals. From movie characters to TV icons. There are even a few characters plucked from the pages of classic literature (remember those dusty things called "books").
Rhymie Stymie Mish Mash Puzzle Pack
100 puzzles of mixed subjects with a healthy batch of occupation rhymes.
Party Time Puzzle Pack
100 new rhyming puzzles. Throw a party for your brain!
Rhymie Stymie Kitchen Sink Puzzle Pack
This collection has everything including the proverbial "Kitchen Sink!"
Generic Hack [new]
Game-specific hack (enable all features). Works fine for ~99.8% of games.
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