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Devil's Peak Rally

Devil's Peak Rally Hack Tool

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HCX-Rally Car
Extreme Hill-Climb Rally car upgrade, includes reduced weight of your car, more power, higher top-speed and a large spoiler kit adding improved aerodynamics. Buying this car also unlocks all of the tuning options.
Caswell BAJA Special
Bill Caswell's, Baja Special. Built to take punishment over rough terrain, heavier and less aero-dynamic than most rally cars, but still powerful and irons out the bumpy stuff.
Great, all round rally car, good handling, low center of gravity, good power and torque.
Classic Group B Rally car, a beast of a car, fast, light, low, but difficult to control.
Great, all round rally car, good handling, sharp turn-in, good power and torque.
Car Value Pack
Get all cars in this one discount pack. (also disables Advertisements)
Classic Older Rally Car, low profile shape & hence low drag & center of gravity, moderate to good power.
Caswell 500
Bill Caswell 500, Special Guest Rally Car.
Older Rally Car, but dominated classic group B rallying in its time.
The Hachi is a rear wheel drive, down-hill drifting classic. Less power than the turbo rally cars, but short wheel-base and great handling make for a super fun drive.
Generic Hack [new]
Game-specific hack (enable all features). Works fine for ~99.8% of games.
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